Do you recycle paper?
Do you recycle Electronics?
Can you pick up at my home?
Can you pick up at my business?
Is there a charge for pickup service?
Do you provide recycling services for business?
Why should my business recycle with OC Recycling?
Do you provide bins?
Do you rent balers?
How many TV's can I recycle?
Can I collect TV's for recycling?
Can I recycle the TV's and monitors from my business?
Can I recycle paint at your facility?
Do you recycle Liquor and Wine Bottles?
Is it legal to throw electronics in the trash?
Do you do fundraising?
Where can I get a recycling coupon?
Will you pick up paper from my business?
Do you recycle books?
Is it worth it to recycle?
Why do the prices change?
Why do you need my Driver's License, and Thumbprint?
Why are you placing my payment for copper on a 3 day hold?
How come other recycling centers don't place my material on hold?
Do I need an appointment to recycle at OC Recycling?
Do you accept the material in bulk or do I have to put one can at a time in a machine?
How much are my CRV bottles and cans worth?
Can I get .05 each from my CRV containers?
How do I know I’m getting the best price for my recyclables?
Can OC Recycling give me a certificate of destruction for my items?
What happens to the items I recycle?
How much do you pay for Cardboard?
I have a huge TV can you pick it up?
Do you recycle medical waste?
My TV is broken will you pay cash for it?