At OC Recycling we pride ourselves in Superior Pricing, Service, and Customer Experience. We are a full service Recycler, specializing in CRV Materials, Scrap Metals, Cardboard, Computers, Televisions / Monitors, Steel and Tin. We accept all quantities from one ounce to Truck Loads. CASH PAID to all requesting parties. Be sure to bring a valid ID and lots of recyclables, and enjoy your time at OC Recycling!


At Orange County Recycling We purchase the Following Materials: Aluminum Cans, Plastic bottles, Milk / juice Containers, Non-Ferrous Metals, Cardboard, paper, computers, home appliances, Ferrous Metals, and more.

For a Full List of Accepted materials and pricing click on the Products tab.

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At OC Recycling we are happy to assist you unload your bulk materials. Our skilled staff will promplty assist you in unloading and sorting your material. For commercial accounts we can deliver a sutiable container to your location to service your needs.

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