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What are the Benefits of Can and Bottle Recycling?

What are the Benefits of Can and Bottle Recycling?

Our modern world has come across ecological challenges. Many practices keep deteriorating our planet but are met with an equal number of approaches to help save it. Recycling has become an essential solution to tackling environmental challenges. By recycling cans and bottles, we can make a significant positive impact on our planet. 

From conserving resources to reducing pollution and creating new economic opportunities, recycling offers a range of advantages. This blog will explore the benefits of can and bottle recycling.

The Environmental Benefits of Can and Bottle Recycling

Reducing our waste is a huge step toward becoming eco-friendly, but cans and bottles are becoming a problem in the United States. These two items are made of recyclable materials, but when they are not recycled correctly, they are left in landfills. To avoid any more impact on the environment, it is important to recycle properly, as it also comes with its benefits:

Lower Amount of Waste and Pollution Rates

According to Earth Reminder, recycling helps lower the amount of waste accumulated in landfills. Not only that, but it also helps from further contamination in the oceans and roadways. Currently, the ocean ecosystem is gathering a worrying amount of waste, harming wildlife and the ecosystem. By recycling cans and bottles, we can help limit the amount of trash in the oceans.

In addition, the constant increase in landfill waste produces toxic air pollutants. Recycling helps reduce these air pollutants from spreading in the environment. Carbon emission rates are reduced, leaving us with more breathable air.

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse emissions directly affect global warming. Plastic manufacturing continues releasing these gases and adds to the problem. However, less fossil fuels and energy are used during the recycling process, which translates into reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Economic Benefits of Can and Bottle Recycling

Besides positively impacting the environment, recycling cans and bottles also come with economic benefits. A recycling facility is cheaper to run than a waste management facility. Moreover, corporations don’t need to rebuy products if more products are recycled. Below are some of the economic benefits of recycling.

Saves Energy

Recycling uses less than two-thirds of energy compared to regular manufacturing. This reduces the work done by power grids and the amount of fossil fuels burnt. 

Uses Less Resources

One of the best benefits of recycling is the reduced use of resources. Recycling cans and bottles use much less natural resources, like oil which is in limited supply. This process helps save barrels of oil and also helps preserve the environment. According to The Earth Project, for every ton of plastic recycled, we save nearly 3.8 barrels of oil.

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How to Recycle Cans and Bottles?

Recycling is a very simple process for people to do every day. To contribute, follow the next steps:


  • Collect any bottles and cans in your home
  • Empty items to ensure the recycling center accepts them
  • Sort your bottles and cans
  • Head to your nearest recycling center and hand in your items. 


Recycling can also be done without going to a recycling center, just be on the lookout for recycling bins placed in different locations and place your items accordingly. Each piece of item makes a difference, and you can recycle everywhere. You can recycle a variety of material types like plastic or glass bottles. 

If you are not convinced yet, you can even earn some extra money by recycling. Many certified recycling centers also accept recyclable items in exchange for cash. The California Redemption Value(CRV) gives you 5 cents per container under 24 ounces and 10 cents per container over 24 ounces. Thanks to this CRV recycling incentive, more people are motivated to give the extra effort to recycle. You save the environment and get some money for doing so.

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Recycling has become essential in tackling environmental challenges. By recycling cans and bottles, we can make a significant positive impact on our planet. It has environmental and economic benefits that help improve our way of life. 

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