Commercial Recycling Services

Did you know California requires each business to Recycle 75% of it’s waste stream? Gone are the days you could put everything in a bin out back and forget about it. Yes in just a few short years yet another government agency will be auditing your business, this time for how you recycle. OC Recycling has partnered with Business and Industry alike to provide 75% Recycling compliance! Let’s get ahead of the curve together. OC Recycling is helping business of all sizes and shapes in Santa Ana to become responsible and compliant Now!


Are you tired of calling one recycler for your ewaste, and another for your plastic, and another for your cardboard, and so on and so on? Can you imagine the paperwork nightmare when It comes time to prove you recycled 75% of your waste? OC Recycling is your one stop solution! We recycle more types of items than any other recycler. If you produce it we can recycle it!

One recycling solution equals less administrative burden on your business and less wasted time worrying about something other than your core business. We get it! We are here to help you focus on your business and not on recycling.

Would you like to find cost effective ways to dispose of your recyclables, and even generate revenue? We can help! ​OC Recycling has assisted thousands of businesses to create custom tailored recycling programs. Save time, save labor, save waste, save money. Best Price Guarantee!​ Find a better price and we will match it. You won’t find better service. You can have a dedicated account manager that is 100% available to meet your needs.

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Product Destruction

If your business manufactures, distributes or warehouses merchandise, we offer product destruction service for items with no recycling value. Our recycling center in Santa Ana provides our services to Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Inland Empire, and National Accounts.

Data Security Services

At OC Recycling, we offer reliable, safe and transparent Data Protection and Data Destruction services for businesses. We serve Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Inland Empire, and National Accounts. Our data security recycling services ensure unwanted individuals don’t have access to your data.


At OC Recycling, we have a wide range of truck models available to offer waste and recycling transportation logistics for your business. Our CRV recycling center employs its own drivers to load the trucks and remove the recyclable materials from your property.

Bin Placement

Our Santa Ana recycling center can locate any recycling bin in your facility. We can place Dry Van Trailers, Roll off Boxes, Dumpsters, Scrap Bins, or 55 Gallon Recycling bins. At OC Recycling, we can help your business meet its waste collection and recycling needs.


At OC Recycling, we can install balers at a wide range of facilities to make your recycling and waste disposing process easier. Our recycling services include helping you identify the right baler for your needs, install it, and help train your staff into operating it. We can also place our staff on site to handle the baller.