Looking For A Great Fundraising Idea In Santa Ana?

Fundraising used to be challenging, until now. Discover how easy it is to raise funds​ for your community, organization, non­profit, team, college, elementary school, high school, charity or political party in Santa Ana, Los Angeles and surroundings.

  • E­waste is everywhere.
  • Ewaste is Illegal to throw away.
  • Ewaste is worth money.

Ewaste + OC Recycling + You = Money for your organization!

Not only Ewaste, OC Recycling is different. Most companies only do Ewaste Drives… not us! We do Recycle Drives. You can make more if you accept more types of items at your event. Cardboard, metals, appliances, computers, electronics, wire, plastics, CRV materials, you name it. We can help you turn trash into CASH!

How Does It Work?

  1. 1. You contact us and ask for our help with an event.
  2. 2. We set up a meeting to discuss your event.
  3. 3. We meet and plan your event.
  4. 4. We handle all the environmental and regulatory paperwork.
  5. 5. We give you custom banners to advertise your event.
  6. 6. We Deliver a locking security bin to your event location.
  7. 7. We coach you on what to take and what not to take.
  8. 8. You collect as much material as possible.
  9. 9. We pick up the bin and bring it back to our facility (You can have as many bins as you can fill).
  10. 10. We sort the items according to the highest value.
  11. 11. We weigh the items and prepare a settlement.
  12. 12. We bring you a check, and everybody is happy!

We can also custom tailor a program to suit your needs… Just Ask!

Brea Olinda High School (Boys Basketball and Girls Softball): Recycled 9,500 lbs of material and received $1,050.46

Great recycling company providing excellent customer service all around. Ryan is a pleasure to do business with. I would highly recommend OC Recycling for all your recycling needs. ~BOHS Softball Booster Club

Helena Modrzejewska Polish School: Recycled 2000 lbs of material and received $150

Cypress High School Public Service Day: Recycled x lbs of material and received $x

Mariners Church, has been recycling with us for the past 5 years and raised several thousand dollars.

Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda, has raised hundreds by recycling school papers and bottles and cans.

Whittier Christian High School Green team, has been working hard to raise cash for the school.

The Boys and Girls Club in Tustin, has been working hard raising money with OC Recycling.

Vanis Buckholtz from My Recycler, has recycle thousands and thousands of lbs. all in support of Project Hope Alliance.

Lets us help you raise money for your organization! Just Ask!