At OC Recycling, we offer a variety of recycling solutions for businesses in Santa Ana, California. We aim to help big, medium, and small companies handle their recycling needs and meet their requirements. We offer recycling baler and recycle bin rental services as well as logistics solutions.

Learn more about how OC Recycling can assist you and what makes us the best partner to optimize your recycling process. Explore our recycling equipment for businesses below.

Bin Placement

For small and medium-sized companies, we offer small recycling bin rentals for minor material recovery needs. Your business has recycling needs, and we’re ready to meet them. We offer high-quality equipment that’s strong, durable, and capable of handling all your recycling material. 

We offer five different sizes and styles of bins that adjust to your budget and space. Explore our selection of recycling bins for the one that best meets your needs. We install the bins ourselves.

Industrial Balers

Industrial waste flow requires industrial waste management equipment. For large companies, we provide high-quality recycling balers of different sizes and features. These specialized balers make your recycling process easier, helping you dispose of, sort, and reuse various materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic, rubber, glass, textiles, and more.

Check out our industrial balers for rent and choose the one that best fits your waste management process. We provide rental baler installation services in Santa Ana, CA.

Recycling Logistics

Aside from supplying high-quality recycling equipment, our company also offers recycling logistic services for companies in Santa Ana, CA. We have an array of transportation options to remove your waste and recycling material from your premises to other locations. We employ our own drivers who load and remove all waste from your property.

Our vehicles come in various sizes and perfectly adapt to your waste transportation needs. From medium-sized to large factories, our trucks can help you rid of any waste and effectively transport your recyclable materials.

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