Are you looking for a way to make a difference, cut down on pollution, leave a better Earth for future generations, and even make some money doing it? You can get all of those benefits, and more, from recycling. It reduces the amount of waste sent to our California landfills and conserves natural resources like wood, water, and mined materials. It even reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change! That’s right- recycling benefits both your local area as well as the entire planet.

If you live in or around Orange County, the best place to take your recyclable items is OC Recycling. Paper makes up nearly 30 percent of trash generated each year, more than any other material, yet nearly all of it is able to be recycled instead. Other recyclable items include batteries, plastics, glass, used oil, tires, non ferrous metals, and household hazardous waste. Even electronics like old televisions and computers can be recycled!

 When you choose OC Recycling, know that you are getting:

-Clean facility
-Concrete parking area
-Help sorting your materials
-Honest weights
-Fast and organized
-Cash paid

And for those in Orange County, we make it even easier to recycle. Pickup services are available, just call us and ask!

Contact OC Recycling today by calling (714) Recycle (714-732-9253) to arrange for a pickup or let us know you’re on your way with a large large. Of course, you can always just stop in whenever it is convenient for you as well. Whether you call ahead or not, you’ll notice the difference between us and other recycling centers right away. Come in today and see what other Orange County recyclers are talking about!